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Policy Statement : Date Published: 18 May 09


We get asked a lot by Customers if they can use our product photographs, so we thought we would declare our policy and give some background on the law.


Copyright Ownership Date Published: 18 May 09


The act of creation makes the copyright for a piece of work yours - You don't have to register it, the act of creation itself is what counts. Neither do you need to display a copyright statement (although it may be sensible for clarity).


So, it is always wise to assume that everything you see or read on the internet is owned by someone and just because there is no copyright statement doesn't mean you can use it stand-alone or in any derivative works.


As far as the Internet is concerned, copyright is applicable to all content forms and media (text, images, video, music, scripts, code etc.) no matter how it is stored or rendered.


How long is Copyright valid?

The answer is a long time. It varies from country to country but in the UK, copyright is valid for 70 years after the death of the author.


Our Policy: Date Published: 18 May 09


As you might expect, the copyright for all content on our site is vested in us. cannot and do not claim copyright for any of our work.


"Some of the images we display on our site have been provided under licence by our supplier(s) and are protected by copyright law. No images or associated product descriptions may be copied and used elsewhere in any media for any purpose whatsoever, without the specific written permission of the copyright holder."


It is not necessary to mention us by name as the copyright holder so long as you make it clear to your visitor that no images can be taken. We would advise that you protect your own intellectual property in a similar manner.


Crystal sizes:


Small:  Approx 10-15mm 

Med:  Approx 15-25mm

Large: Approx 25-30mm

Jumbo: Approx 30-35+mm                                                                               


Date Published: 18 May 09




This applies to any of our sites which sell Crystals.


Gemstones are natural material, and so it is impossible to get any uniformity of size and shape.  Because crystals vary so there is no perfect way to classify them exactly. We do however, grade them roughly into size ranges according to the following guidelines:

Each crystal type has its own particular hardness and this can affect the results of the tumbling and polishing process. It is inevitable you will find the odd small blemish or other small flaws in most crystals. This is perfectly normal and does not affect either the aesthetic or metaphysical properties of a crystal.


General Disclaimer:

Date Published: 18 May 09


We can offer no warranties or guarantees with regard to the therapeutic or metaphysical properties of any product we sell. As far as we are aware, there is no formal scientific proof to substantiate that crystals, talisman, amulets or other artifacts we sell to cure or alleviate any particular medical condition and we therefore make no such claim. You must decide for yourself whether you believe in their capabilities and carry out your own research to collect such evidence to satisfy your needs.


IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL PROBLEM - You should always seek professional medical advice. Nothing on this site should be considered as a substitute for doing that.


Our refund Policy: Date Published: 11 June 09


All Broomsticks customers have the right to cancel within seven working days of their contract with Broomsticks, or seven working days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer). You will have your payment returned in full, You must return goods within seven days of calculation. Address to return parcel will be available on request from E-mail Also available on the  consignment slip which comes with the parcel.


Returns Policy; Date Published: 18 May 09


We pride ourselves on only selecting quality products, providing you with accurate descriptions and photographs so you can see what you are buying. We inspect and package everything very carefully (in fact most things are over packed to be on the safe side), so it is rare that we get a customer asking to return something.

Please See our Conditions of Sale for specific information on making a return.


Shipping Charges: Date Published: 18 May 09


Shipping and packaging charges are included in the price listings for the UK unless otherwise stated in product listing.


Credit Card Safety: Date Published: 18 May 09


We always want to ensure that our customers can shop confidently and safely with us and we go to a great deal of trouble make sure that is possible.

Our backend systems integrate seamlessly with the very well respected Payment Service Provider RSB World Pay  who employ rigorous levels of physical and Internet security as well as various anti-fraud devices to keep your information very safe.


Security Policy:  Date Published: 18 May 09


Security is always a fraught subject when it comes to the internet. However, we approach it using current best practice and listed below are a few of the things we do to ensure the evil forces out there don't get access to any information you provide.


1. First and foremost we keep to an absolute minimum any information we collect and only ever use it for the purpose for which it was collected - usually order fulfilment.


2. All transactions which contain sensitive information such as Address and Credit card information take place over a highly encrypted secure link (so it is not readable even while it is being sent).


3. Once data arrives on our site all sensitive information is kept highly encrypted for storage. So even if someone did manage to access our databases, there is nothing in them which could be read.


4. Our policy is not to store credit card information and except where cards are processed manually (for Telephone Orders) none of our staff ever see your card details. Details are captured from you over a high security link, passed straight through to the Payment Authorisation Service (RBS World Pay) and as soon as the transaction authorisation is received back, the card details are automatically deleted without anyone in our organisation (or anywhere else) ever seeing them.  Even manually processed card details are securely destroyed immediately after the transaction has been confirmed.  We use the same levels of encryption the banks use so your information is safe for the very short time we have it.


5. During the bank authorisation transaction, all communication takes place over high security links. We have gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure your information is safe at every stage of the process so you can have an enjoyable and trouble free shopping experience with us. All data encryption uses a minimum of 128 bit security keys.


WARNING - Probably the most vulnerable point in the whole process is your own computer and so we would always advise that you have a good quality anti-virus package installed on your machine, keep it up to date with the latest virus signatures and regularly scan your machine to screen for infections. This all sounds a bit technical for many users but it really is very easy to do and it gives you so much more protection. .


NOTE: Anyone attempting to illegally gain access to any information we store, once traced, would of course be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and the penalties for such actions are now very severe.


Privacy Policy: Date Published: 18 May 09

Your privacy is very important to us so here's what we do to protect it:


1. We NEVER share your details with any third party so you will never get spam etc. as a result of the information you provide us.

2. We collect only the information we need for processing orders and we don't use it for anything else unless you say we can.


  3. Your data is secured by various encryption technologies both during transmission over the Internet, but also when it is stored.

See Our Security Policy


Conditions of Sale: Date Published: 18 May 09




Vendor - Broomsticks.Biz is a trading name of Broomsticks who owns and operates the Broomsticks.Biz e-commerce web site.


Customer - The person, representing a bona fide trading business, who enters into a contract to purchase goods by completing an order transaction through the Broomsticks.Biz web site.


Site - Means Broomsticks.Biz


Shipping and Handling

All orders are subject to a shipping and handling charge. These charges may change from time to time and the current rates are those calculated and displayed in the shopping basket during checkout.


Current rates are published on the web site from time to time and are available on request by telephone. 



All prices are shown and will be charged in GB Pounds Sterling.


Value Added Tax

All prices and shipping charges are shown with Value Added Tax.  


Payment Terms  All goods must be paid for in full prior to shipment. Payment by cheque will result in around a 4 working day shipping delay while the cheque is cleared through our banking services.



Ownership of and title to goods supplied does not transfer to the Customer until they have been paid for in full.


Product Descriptions

We endeavour to keep our descriptions of the products we sell as accurate as we possibly can and support them where ever practical with detail photography. By doing this, you can see exactly what you are buying and are able to judge quality for yourself so we hope therefore you can buy with more confidence.

Many of the products we sell are of a natural origin and so, sizes, colour, markings and shape may vary from the examples given on the web site (particularly with items such as crystal based products where markings vary enormously from item to item - each is unique). However, we aim to be as consistent as we can in how we describe and represent them.

You should also be aware that not all computer systems used for browsing the Internet are of the same standard and can be setup differently. In particular video monitors can render colours differently from that of the original photography. Where we think it necessary we include colour as part of our product description but if you are in any doubt, please call us, we are happy to answer your questions.



Your Credit Card is only billed once your order is confirmed and is assembled ready for despatch. Our web site will not normally allow you to order items which are out of stock, however, if a situation arises where an items is subsequently found to be out of stock or fails to meet our quality standards, you will always be contacted and given the option to cancel, substitute or otherwise adjust the Order to suit you.


Cheques & Postal Orders

We are an online business and so the normal means of payment is by Credit Card through our secure payment service.  However, for the convenience of our customers we also accept payment in the form of  Cheques or Postal Orders (in GB Pounds only).


PLEASE NOTE: Cheques and Postal Orders must be made Payable to Broomsticks Only. We must receive your Cheque or Postal Order within 4 working days or your Order may be cancelled to release the stock for other customers.



We use a variety of reputable carriers to handle our order distribution. Once we deliver your consignment into the hands of the carrier, we have no further direct control over it.


All orders are independently picked, checked and inspected to ensure we don't miss anything. So in the very unlikely event that you find something is missing from your order, you must notify us immediately. This should be done within 2 working days of receipt and you can do this either through the E-mail which is available on the site or via telephone using the numbers given in the Contacts section. We will only deal with shortages notified after that period at our discretion.


Damaged Goods

We inspect and where necessary, test everything before we ship so you will not be disappointed. We also ensure your order is well packed to prevent damage in transit. However, if you do receive something from us that doesn't work or is damaged when you receive it, then we will endeavour to remedy the situation (usually by replacement). What we ask is that you contact us first and let us know what the problem is and we'll then give you instructions on how the return should be made. You must keep all original packaging until we have issued return instructions and have indicated it will not be required for claims against the carrier.


Limit of Liability

Although the products sold on Broomsticks.Biz would be considered harmless by most people, we have no control over what is done with them or how they are used by end customers. We therefore hereby specifically disclaim all liability for any loss, damage, injury or other negative consequence in whatever form, howsoever caused, which arises from the use (or indirect use) of any product advertised on, or supplied via the Broomsticks.Biz web site. Furthermore, no guarantee can be, nor is given, with regard to any spiritual or metaphysical qualities for any of the products we supply. 

This disclaimer applies without exception to all of the following: Broomsticks.Biz, their respective Employees, Directors, Agents and Advisors. Under no circumstances will the vendor or any of it's Representatives Employees, Directors, Agents or Advisors, be liable for anything other than the cost of the items purchased.

It is the purchasers sole responsibility to ensure that the products are safely, sensibly used and as they judge appropriate for their particular circumstances. You are also hereby advised to take full account of any warnings or guidance on usage which is given either on our web site or in any manufacturers instructions supplied with any purchase.


Errors and Omissions

We try very hard to keep our site as up to date as possible and describe everything accurately. However, we are only human and may occasionally make a mistake. Therefore we reserve the right to change details of products, prices and shipping costs as we see fit, withdraw items from sale without warning and cancel a sale if we discover we have made an error - you will not be charged for any item or items withheld in this way.